BrightFaces Chelsea Hat 'n Heart Colorful hand Painted Casual Shopping Tote Bag - Large w/ Long Comfortable Fabric Handles

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Classy and fun, each bag and design can be described as unique. Each are hand-painted and all are slightly different adding to the charm. Fun and always fashionable these delightful fashion bags feature wonderful illustrations. Each is a work of art that makes a fashion statement. Artist Merril Thomsons creative talent and rustic painting style on fabric, furnishing and furniture has been delighting her fans for years. Now she has created this series of fashion bags for you to enjoy. Her artwork has been faithfully reproduced on these hand painted casual day bags.
  • Beautifully hand painted design on the front of the tote with signature heart. Soft quilted padded 100% cotton canvas
  • Deep and wide with a loop and toggle clasp. Unique internal pocket with hand-painted bird (a distinctive signature piece)
  • Three additional large inside side pockets help you organize your things. Stretchy key fob attachment with dog snap
  • Large external pocket with a hidden magnetic clasp
  • Long comfortable handles