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Freeze Dried Diced Onions

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These onions are exactly what you need to give your recipe a good shake up. Add them to soups, chilis or even grill with them, the flavor is amazing. You will be glad you added these to your storage every day. Get yours today! 15 Servings No Preservatives No Additives 100% Real Onions! If you love the flavor of onion in your dishes, then this is the vegetable for your storage! Our Freeze Dried Onion Dices have all of the flavor you are looking for without all of the tears that come with chopping it. Since the Freeze Dried Onion Dices are pre-diced, you can cut down on prep-time without sacrificing flavor and quality. To use, simply throw a handful into any dish for added flavor, texture, and health benefits. Use them to flavor rice, chili, soups, casseroles, or even to make fajitas! You wont need to worry about whether your meal will have enough flavor if you have our Freeze Dried Onion Dices on hand.

Youll love the ease and the shelf life of these onions. They have been packaged for a long shelf life of up to 25 years. The heavy duty mylar packaging along with an oxygen absorber keeps oxygen, light, and moisture out, ensuring a long life. Youll be able to have fresh onions on hand for whenever you need them. No need for a last-minute run to the grocery store. 

After using the Freeze Dried Onion Dices, youll wonder how you ever got along without them before! With how simple and quick they are to use, youll have dinner on the table in record time. Pick yours up today!