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Kid's Kitchen 40 Piece Playset

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Features: 40 Exclusive Play Pieces and Playset Stove-Top with Complete Cooking Set Oven Door Can Open and Close For Ages 3 and Up Includes: World Tech Toys Kid's Kitchen 40 Piece Playset and Accessories 1 Kitchen Playset 3 Plastic French Fries 1 Plastic Hot Dog 1 Plastic Hamburger 1 Plastic Chicken Drumstick 1 Plastic Salt Shaker 1 Plastic Ketchup Bottle 2 Plastic Tea Cups 10 Plastic Saucers 2 Plastic Cooking Pots with Lid 3 Plastic Kitchen Utensils (Fork, Knife and Spoon) 5 Plastic Kitchen Cooking Utensils (Spatula, Pasta Spoon, Knife, Ladle, and Cooking Tongs) 1 Plastic Oven Grate