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Manual Coffee Grinders ,Portable Washable Manual Coffee Grinder ,Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder (Silver M)

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  • ★ Manual coffee grinder: no need for electricity, easy to use, environmental friendly and safety. The operation is simple, compared with metal burrs, ceramic burrs work quieter, and will maintain the original flavor of coffee beans
  • ★ Material: Aluminium + Acrylic + ABS + Ceramic.These coffee grinders made of safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless materials that can give us health and gentleness
  • ★ Disposable paper coffee filter : Made of high quality paper, no odor, non-toxic, suitable for any type of coffee, so you can enjoy delicious coffee at home
  • ★ Can be disassembled and washed: hand grinders can be washed with water. General electric coffee machines cannot be washed with water. Our product can be disassembled and washed so that no dirt can be hidden to ensure the health of beverages
  • ★ The best after-sale guarantees your satisfaction first - we sincerely hope that you are satisfied with our products and professional customer service. If you have trouble during the use of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will provide you with the best solution



Product description

The beautiful day starts with a cup of delicious coffee. A cup of delicious coffee starts with a perfect coffee grinder. Whether it's fine grinding or rough grinding, that's it.

The aroma of coffee and beans touch your taste buds, every detail is the production of perfect coffee. Innovative coffee grinder gives spice fun and ease. Enjoy the fun of handmade coffee, decorate a better life, experience romantic! The ceramic core does not cause the coffee grinder to generate heat when grinding beans and preserve the original taste of the coffee grinder

Coffee preserves beans. Best of all, your coffee equipment can travel with you so you can take care of your favorite coffee ritual wherever life takes you.
easy to clean

Hand coffee makers do not need special maintenance. The open design makes regular cleaning easy and fast.Ideal for coffee, tea, spices, medicinal herbs in the kitchen, office, camping, traveling, hiking ... Our manual coffee grinder is not only small enough to fit in a handbag, but can be taken apart when you're on the go

Product information:
Color: Silver + Transparent
Material: Aluminium + Acrylic + ABS + Ceramic Rotors
Item Size:4.5*16.5cm/1.77*5in
Item Weight: 265g /9.35oz
Capacity: 25g
Package List:Premium-Grade Stainless Steel handle;High-Quality Ceramic Burr Grinder